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Who We Are?

Marvel Events

Delivering punches, strength to strength, Marvel becomes a celebrated outstanding one-stop event organizer, planner and management powerhouse based in KL. Our company offerings include budgeting, establishing timelines, choosing and reserving the event venues, acquiring permits from the authorized, preparing food and beverages, coordinating transportation, developing a theme, brainstorming a fresh idea, arranging for the activities, inviting speakers and performers, preparing and setting up for the equipment, managing risk, developing contingency plans and satisfying you.

Founded in 2017, “Value Before Profit” has always been in every Marveler, true to principles and mission and the best for the clients. These pillars of strength have brought our company a lot of extraordinary values and driven our business to an exponential growth.

Marvel Events

Create Sensational Events and Experiences

As an event organizer in KL for many years, we have wealth of experience in delivering event management solutions to all kinds of corporate events throughout these years, ranging from gala dinner, award nights, roadshow, business conference, product launching, tradeshow and so on. From strategic meetings with clients, concepting till the end of the events, we thoroughly enjoy ourselves in the event organizing services provided to our clients. The success of events has always led the best feeling to each of the Marvelers.

We also believe that perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. We create memorable events experiences that evoke emotions of attendees. We break our limitations by using our imagination and hard works to help our clients to engage internal and external audiences.

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Why Choose Us

1 Stop Solution

Be the guest at your own event. We cover from concept, production till clean-up. What you need to do is to move your mouth, tell us your idea, we make things come to life.

Innovative & Creativity

The power of imagination makes Marvelers infinite. For every event, we thrive on creating experiences from the ground up to impress your attendees.

Proven Track Record

Marvel has been cooperating with numerous big companies. With our slogan “What You See, What You Get”, our hard work has been proven as excellent and reliable.

What You See What You Get

Why do you need an event management agency?

Provide you creative ideas and proven event formats that are suitable to you.
Marvelers are a bunch of enthusiastic, creative event planners who have been working for numerous events. They are experienced in engaging audiences, hence they know the strategies which are more suitable in reaching your goal.
Planning and budget management from experts to ensure overall event success
Marvelers are trained to excel in planning and managing the budget. Before we talk deeper into the ideas of the events, we need to know the budget of each event. We will give you solid advice and estimated list of expenses you might incur in this event. Besides, we will also give ideas where to find prospective sponsors for the event. According to the budget, we will allocate the spending wisely and still hit the best impact of the event.
Technology that gives your attendees a memorable, professional and slick journey
We try to create the best overall vibes to your events according to the theme set by implementing some latest technologies which are suitable. With the technologies, we can prepare music, videos, props and tools that make the event happen as how we show you in the 3D drawing.
Wide relationship with all the resources to make sure they are always the best for your event
Beside all the technologies and skills, we are renowned to have wide resources to make your event best of the best. We have the most talented singers, dance performers, event hosts and so on.
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Contact us now. We make your ideas to life!